Firefighters do lot of duties, certain more demanding than others. The duties may include hooking up hoses, operating a pump, positioning ladders. They are also responding to other kinds of emergency conditions. They are usually the earliest personnel on the picture of a health associated or wreck emergency and could always be needed to give attention to injuries or implement other necessary works. Firefighters save victims, and survivors offer medical associated assistance, rescue things of houses and ventilate properties to remove smoke. At the time of working hours, they want to be ready to respond quickly to a fire or other types of emergency.

Minimum requirements:

Fighting fires can be dangerous and demanding and calls for team work. At every emergency circumstance, they engage in specific work formulated by an officer. They will stay at the place of a disaster for days; rescue trapped survivors and assisting with medical action. Most of the best firefighters work abnormal hours and stay at the fire station. People interested in these jobs usually are needed to get a minimum of a school diploma. Health testing and physical fitness, a medical checking and a criminal history check are also required when you are looking for a firefighter job. They must get substantial amount of training to get the job in the fire department. Always remember that being a firefighter begins with a dedication. To get in to full time work in this competitive industry needs, good education, and belief in you.

Study material:

First, start with making homework. Find fire department that you are willing in and check about job descriptions. Fire fighting is highly dangerous, demanding and strenuous work and not suitable for everyone. If you are seriously interested in getting a job in fire department, you can achieve your goal according to your choice. Next, begin testing. Check out where and when fire departments in the local area are testing. Generally, fire department test yearly and choose best applicants as staff. There are certain best study guides available to assist you ready for the testing procedure. Do not get discouraged. There are people tested several times at different companies prior hired in a full time position. Experiences results to eventual success, if you fail in the testing actions, check about your weakness and take a step to improve in that.


It does not matter where you stay, there are lot of best volunteer fire departments that would invite interested firefighters and establish your career. Beginning, there is lot of study. Being a volunteer for some time will surely open up numerous doors to your future and also let you to start learning the fundamentals. If there is a chance for you to get emergency medical training, get the training course. Even though most of the fire departments at least train from within, any education you can receive in that will reflect your dedication to the profession. A firefighter is needed to have the courage and endurance to put at risk their own lives for benefit of others.



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